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Machining and Fabrication

Our maintenance facility located at 379 Spanish Town Road consists of our own machine and fabrication shop. We find that several heavy haul applications and other request demand a 24-hour on call crew with the capability to design tools and items, which are needed for specific applications without much notice.


The shop is equipped with material, crew and machinery, which allow us the capability to act fast on repairs or for items we need to design under short notice.

Prime Movers - Heavy Haul Trucks

Our prime mover haulage fleets consist of heavy haul tractors for road and off-road applications. Trucks are equipped with heavy 100 000lb rear suspensions, planetary rear axles, 18 speed main low ratio gearboxes and 4 speed auxiliary deep reduction gearboxes.

Trucks are equipped with front and rear support points for tow bar applications or joint push and push haulage.


Our off-road trucks are 8x8 drive and equipped with front and rear push bar systems for push and pull applications.



Our modular trailer fleet currently comprises of 18 Goldhofer THP SL axles, which are 36-ton and 45-ton per axle line capacity. We also have Goldhofer goosenecks ranging from 35-ton to 55-ton capacity.


We have other special accessories to increase load designs and special transport needs such as extendable crawler low decks up to 100 ton capacity 11 M long, intermediary load decks 6 M, 30 M Extendable spacer decks for long load configurations, optional use of tow bar configurations, parallel configurations or 1 1/2 configurations.

Goldhofer Modular Trailers - Heavy Haulage, Special Load Configurations
Special Wind Farm Equipment - Extendable Load Configurations

Broshuis 4 axle steerable step deck trailer extendable to 44 M

Traylona 4 axle flatbed rear steerable trailer to 36 M

Ruiqiano 3 axle steerable blade trailers extendable to 40 M

Goldhofer Nooteboom adapters for pallet configurations

Special Project Handling and Installation Equipment

Our heavy haul division is equipped with beams and stools for heavy haulage cargo storage applications. Our hydraulic trailers have the ability to raise and lower loads, which we preload on special beams. This is done to eliminate the double handling cost of heavy applications from shipside to storage, and from storage to site. This procedure also reduces handling cost which often times are very large cranes. Our Stools are designed for 100 000 lbs. per stool, and each beam has a load bearing capacity of 150 000lbs.


We also have a 400 ton jacking and sliding system for handling heavy applications and for installation in cases that heavy lifting equipment cannot be used or if the cost is not feasible.  This application consists of 4 x 100 ton jacks, 4 x 50 ton jacks, and a 400 ton designed hydraulic sliding application. Other tools are required for this application such as 100-ton rollers; wood cribbing and other accessories are available.

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